Google’s ISP Strategy…A Breath of Fresh Air

Google’s been holding their cards close to their vest for a long time, today they finally announced their ISP strategy with a flush of excitement. Google’s “free in-home wireless broadband service” is called TiSP and is a revolution in the market.

Please link over to the TiSP website before scrolling down to continuing reading here…

By now you should have figured out that today is April 1st and that TiSP is a royal flush of a gag (pun highly intended). I gotta give credit to Google for being a public company that still isn’t afraid of having a public sense of humor. I can’t think of another public company of Google’s size that would have had to porcelain to do an April fool’s joke like this.

Here’s a tip of the hat to the entire Google exec staff and April Fool’s team…

Update: I’m always one of a great joke, I remember fondly the UWEC homepage joke of 1996… While digging around the net this morning, I found a few more items worth sharing:


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